FREE KNIGHT 60L Hiking Backpack



  • Backpacks Type: : Softback
  • Material: : Durable and tear resistant nylon
  • Model Number: : FK0395
  • Rain Cover: : Yes
  • Capacity: : 60L
  • Straps length: : 43-85cm/16.93-33.46 inches
  • The maximum load: : 30kg
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60L softback backpack

Great for long hikes and camping trips. Built to last with durable and tear resistant nylon fabric. Comes with a  rain cover to keep everything dry in inclement weather. Light weight to minimize fatigue yet durable enough to carry 30kg of supplies. For experienced and novice hikers and campers alike. This 60L backpack has multiple pouches and compartments to help manage all your gear in easy to access fashion.

This backpack comes in a variety of colors, and they look rather stylish.

One of the internet’s finest

This back pack is built to last and a great value for the budget minded hiker. It wont break the bank and will leave you plenty of funds to further outfit your gear stash. There is plenty of storage room inside to carry all your camping needs.

Whether you are planning a weekend hike and camp or several weeks out you will have everything you need tucked away safely and securely in this 60L softback backpack.

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60L 02, 50L 01, 60L 06, 60L 05, 60L 04, 60L 03, 60L 01, 50L 05, 50L 04, 50L 03, 50L 02


50 – 70L

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